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Amy Rose ♡ your heart is never wrong ♡
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Amy Rose
Дата рождения: (29 лет)
О себе:
♡ sonic hedgehogs self-proclaimed girlfriend ♡

alignment: good

✧┊ i would be happy if Sonic was with me in a lot of memories ┊✧

likes: sonic, mysterious things, fortune-telling, soft-serve ice cream, cute things, sweets, pink romance, tarot cards, her piko piko hammer, helping people see the good and positive in things, flirting with sonic, the thought of her and sonic being together, the wisps helping sonic, being close to sonic, marrying sonic

dislikes: boring things, getting kidnapped, anyone who tries to harm sonic, sonic ignoring her, sonic running away from her, people thinking sonic has turned evil or done something wrong

— ͙۪۪̥˚ ✰ just think about the good times and they will come back again ׂׂ*ૢ✧